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The Top 5 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

There is a lot of exciting research on “intermittent fasting” (IF). This article will help explain what IF is, how to do it properly, the science behind it, and why it is most likely the key to a sustainable healthy life style.

Why “yo-yo” diets are terrible for you

There are more diets today which restrict foods and beverages than ever before. Most people who try these end up losing some weight for a short period of time, but then regaining all of the weight in the end. These diets (often called “yo-yo” diets) are not only ineffective at actually solving the rising problems of obesity, heart disease, digestive issues, and many other symptoms plaguing most Americans today, but they are actually quite dangerous and detrimental to the body.

If the Paleo diet is WHAT our ancestors ate, intermittent fasting is HOW our ancestors ate.
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The Truth About Detoxification (Detox)

Detoxification is a fad that has been around for a while, which purports to cleanse and rid the body of various toxins accumulated as a result of our diets and lifestyle choices. This practice has been promoted by various public figures, especially in the entertainment sector, who describe it as the magical elixir to their youthful looks. Most detoxification programs involve dietary procedures and processes which are supposed to reinvigorate the system and flush out toxins that have accumulated over time, akin to a hard reboot on a computer system. The question however remains, Do these detoxification programs work?

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